February 2, 2021

"They came to my home to resolve a freezing compresser. They were on time, fast and got our AC up and running fast. They explanded what I sould look for and let them know if they needed to come back out. Great guys, highly recommended."
January 11, 2021


"Fantastic customer service, they came out promptly and repaired our problem quickly. They have been great every time we needed help. Thanks for your great service."
August 11, 2020

"AWESOME!!!!! Ultimate professionals! We are SO pleased with the service provided by Donald Guy Heating & AC! What a difference having professionals who know what they are doing work on your home! THANK YOU!! We highly recommend these folks for your HVAC needs."
December 26, 2019

You Guys Rock!!

"Hearing tech came found the problem fixed it at a most reasonable price and had the part on the truck! Now my heater is purring and I don’t have to have it set at 75 degrees to be warm! Thank you!"
August 19, 2019

"I used Guy air-conditioning for the first time today based on a referral on Facebook for my Summerbrooke neighborhood page. We had a brand new system put in by Another company one year ago exactly today and this other company refused to come check out the system they installed. I talked with a very nice lady this morning at Guy air-conditioning. She was very courteous and concerned about my system they DID NOT install which was blowing warm air. She told me she would try to get somebody to the house before 3 PM or before I went out of town. She in fact did call me back very soon after our conversation to let me know they would be there within a half hour. This was music to my ears and my family's. Charles was one of the technicians who responded, I don't know the other technicians name. I will tell you one thing, they know exactly what they are doing and very courteous, and professional in explaining what appeared to be the problems with my brand new unit someone else installed. Regardless of warranty at this point, I will not go back to the other company and will have Guy air conditioning complete the repairs and fix the shoddy work by the other company. Although the other company was not my choice at the time, I am very excited to finally have a company in the air-conditioning field that knows what they are doing an actually cares about their customers. That to me is most important and thank you for their great customer service."